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From the very beginning, BK Medical has been committed to designing ultrasound systems that help surgeons image, guide, intervene, and navigate inside the human body.


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Elevating Imaging with Speed and Efficiency

High Resolution Imaging

You know what you need, and you need it fast. That’s why the bk5000 is designed to deliver the high resolution images you count on quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re identifying margins of a lesion or making a general assessment of an area of interest, the bk5000 has the power and performance to meet your needs on your terms.

Simplicity in Function and Design

Time and space are always at a premium, no matter what environment you’re in.

The bk5000 was designed with this in mind. Its 20-second boot time means the system will be ready when you need it.

The transducers can be connected and removed with one hand using a simple locking mechanism, also contributing to the short set up time.

The No Touch Auto Gain means you can keep your focus on the image instead of on the equipment. All this in a system with a small footprint that fits virtually everywhere.

Addressing Challenges with Advanced Technologies

From the simplest diagnostic imaging to the most critical interventional procedures, every clinical situation has its own set of unique challenges.

The bk5000 offers a full suite of innovative technologies and advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality, across many applications.



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The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance

Superb Imaging, Enhanced Visualization

Ultrasound images inform important decisions. So the better you can see, the more confident you can be in your treatment decisions.

That’s why the bk3000 is designed to deliver superb images with high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution, allowing you to quickly identify lesions and perform targeted biopsies.

Precision in Targeting

Performing targeted biopsies is more precise than ever thanks to the bk3000’s unique triplane transducer.

Its simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities allow you to interrogate the prostate from apex to bladder neck and easily

target all regions of the prostate with greater confidence and less patient discomfort.

Exceptional Detail, Unparalleled Control

Clarity counts, and so does speed. You can rely on the bk3000 to deliver high resolution images fast.

No Touch Auto Gain quickly optimizes and adapts the image to meet your needs. Advanced modes, including elastography and contrast imaging

, help you quickly and confidently identify regions of interest and reduce the need to refer your patient to other departments.




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Expert Ultrasound Guidance for Your Procedures

Excellent Image Quality

High-resolution images with superb anatomical details for visualization of structures and performing confident procedures.

Customized Workflow

Featuring a sealed glass interface that enables ‘sightless navigation’ via Tru-Sense technology, bkSpecto has an intuitive,

rapid, touch-based workflow that will enable quicker training and faster procedures.

Custom-Fit Clinical Design

bkSpecto is designed for your workspace, allowing you to work faster. Adjust monitor (portrait or landscape),

interface angle, and system height to suit your needs. An integrated battery also allows for more than 1-hour of plug-free imaging.

BK’s Advanced Transducer Portfolio

With bkSpecto, you will have access to a wide range of BK Medical's high performance and sterilizable transducers in the areas of urology, 

anesthesia, musculoskeletal, breast, thyroid, and women's health.








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